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Philly tries again for municipal broadband

Radio interview – WHYY NewsOctober 14, 2009
By: Elizabeth Fiedler

Philadelphia is asking the federal government for more than $21 million dollars in stimulus money to build a hybrid network of fiber lines and wireless devices. HEAR MORE


The Digital Philadelphia Project

An article that appeared on
Benton FoundationAugust 12, 2009
Sourced from: Technically Philly

Wireless Philadelphia is dead. What was left of the title — once the 2004 promise of a wirelessly-connected Philadelphia — was lost this May when the nonprofit that shared the initiative’s name rebranded itself as the Digital Impact Group to focus on bridging the city’s digital divide. READ MORE

NTIA extends broadband stimulus grant deadline

An article that appeared on
Technically PhillyAugust 18, 2009
Written by: Brian James Kirk

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced late last week that because of an influx of application uploads, the deadline was extended one week to August 20, this Wednesday, from August 14. READ MORE.

Digital Philadelphia: what it is, what it means and what’s standing in the way

An article that appeared on
Technically PhillyAugust 12, 2009

Before Friday, the City of Philadelphia, specifically its division of technology, will submit a proposal to the federal government, asking for a big slice of at least $4.6 billion set aside for municipal broadband development. READ MORE.

The trouble with hooking up

An article that appeared in
Boston GlobeAugust 2, 2009
Written by: Hiawatha Bray

Free municipal wireless sounds like a great idea for Boston or any city that has already invested heavily in high-tech infrastructure. Too bad there’s no more money to pay for the last link of the chain. READ MORE