Stimulus, Please

An article that appeared in
City PaperJuly 1, 2009
Written by: Morgan Davis

The city of Philadelphia, along with the Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) and Wireless Philadelphia, held a meeting last week to discuss a federal “broadband stimulus” grant that they will apply for this summer. READ MORE


Division of Technology has new chief

Radio Interview – WHYY July 27, 2009
By Tom MacDonald

Story on the City’s Division of Technology plans to centralize and consolidate the city’s IT functions. HEAR MORE.

Digital Philadelphia

An article posted on
Knightcenter Community Connection
July 7, 2009
Once again the city of Philadelphia is launching a city-wide broadband initiative, which begs the question: Why is this time different?

As Broadband Expands, Rapidly, America’s Poor Lag

Article that appeared in
Business Week, June 17, 2009
written by, Arik Hesseldahl

Fast Internet access is a consumer priority, but the White House’s $7.2 billion plan to boost broadband access has mixed objectives. READ MORE

Visual notes from Refresh Philly meeting

Click here to view.

City CIO’s $100 million Digital Philadelphia vision

An editorial post from a
Refresh Philly Event hosted on May 4, 2009.

The Nutter administration will invest $100 million during the next four years in city technology, according to plans unveiled tonight by Philadelphia Chief Information Officer Allan Frank. READ MORE

City 2.0: Using tech building blocks in tomorrow’s urban centers

Article that appeared in
ComputerWorldMay 15, 2009
written by, John Brandon

The article discusses smart energy grid technology, social networking for city governments, citywide wireless, and “green data centers. Click here to read article.