Code for America chooses Philly for web development team

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written by: Christopher Wink

It seems as though the City of Philadelphia will get a helping hand in its quest to move forward with the growing list of possibility in Web transparency and government openness. READ MORE


Five Cities Get Free Civic Apps Through Code for America

Five American cities have been selected for a random act of kindness from software developers. Boston, Boulder, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Seattle will all receive free web and/or mobile apps to help administer government and serve citizens, thanks to a program called Code for America. MORE


April 19, 2010
Today Mayor Michael A. Nutter and Public Property Commissioner Joan Schlotterbeck unveiled a new website which lists, for the first time, the City’s entire inventory of surplus properties. In addition, the City launched a pilot program which put property owned by the Department of Public Property up for public bid. The marketing effort also included signage, email blasts to developers, and advertising on Craigslist. Revenue generated by the sales will go to the City’s general fund.

“I applaud Public Property’s innovation in dealing with the City’s surplus properties,” said Mayor Nutter. “This website is a win for everyone – it benefits neighborhoods by spurring development of vacant properties and the City by generating much needed revenue for the general fund.”

Surplus properties are those properties that are owned by the City, and are not being used in connection with the work of any City department, board or commission, or any other governmental agency. When authorized by City Council, surplus property of the City may be offered for sale under certain conditions.

The database is available through by clicking on the Property Information button on the left side of the screen. The surplus property database is searchable by street and address and each property profile will provide the size of the property and zoning information for the property.

For more information on purchasing a City of Philadelphia surplus property, please contact the Department of Public Property at or 215-686-4443.

If We Could Design Philadelphia’s 311 iPhone App

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April 6, 2010

From where to find an open parking spot in Center City to which books are due at the library, the possibilities are endless with the city’s new app.

An iPhone App For Philadelphia’s 311

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Posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2010
By Mike Dunn

Using Philadelphia’s 311 non-emergency call system is about to get a lot
easier if you have an iPhone or even one of the new iPads. READ MORE.

Philly’s 311 Hotline: Yup, There’s an App For That

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Written by: Randy LoBasso

In the race to see who’s going to take over the world – between Apple or
Google, obviously – Steve Jobs may have just one-upped the competition, at least here in Philly. READ MORE

City to release free 311 iPhone application

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Written by: Christopher Wink

The City of Philadelphia will release a free iPhone app for its 311
non-emergency call hotline as soon as next month, reports the Inquirer. READ MORE