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Gigabit Philly Press Conference at City Hall

Photos posted of the Gigabit Philly press conference on Thursday, March 25. SEE MORE

City’s Computer Network is in Line for a Makeover

An article that appeared in Philadelphia Daily News
March 23, 2010
written by: Catherine Lucey

Paper time sheets may soon be a thing of the past for city workers.

Chief Technology Officer Allan Frank – the man charged with dragging City Hall into the 21st century – is overseeing a massive investment in the city’s technology program, an effort he says will make government more organized and cost-effective. READ MORE

Philadelphia CTO Allan Frank on Google Fiber Initiative

Allan Frank speaking on the Google Fiber Initiative.

Philly Startup Offering Prize for Super Network Idea

An article posted on
Philadelphia Business Journal – March 19, 2010
Written by: Peter Key

At a Philly Startup Leaders group meeting wednesday night, its board decided to fund a prize with its money, which amounts to $5,000, and all other money anyone else wants to contribute to find the next BIG IDEA for a super-high bandwidth network for the City of Philadelphia. READ MORE

Phila. Bids for Contract with Google for Internet Service

A radio by KYW’s Mike Dunn
KWY1060March 21, 2010

Google is considering constructing an ‘ultra high speed” internet network and Philadelphia is among the cities vying to get it. Philadelphia’s Chief Information Officer Allan Frank spoke with KYW’s Mike Dunt. LISTEN TO

Philadelphia, the City of Google-y Love

An article posted on – March 19, 2010
written by: Mike Armstrong

You may have heard that Google Inc. plans to build a bunch of experimental broadband networks that would be far faster than anything currently in operation.

The company announced its plans in February, and any city or town can apply to land one of these networks that promise speeds of 1 gigabit per second to as many as 500,000 people. READ MORE

Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan

The staff of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created the National Broadband Plan. To an extraordinary extent, however, the author of this plan is America itself.

Broadband is the great infrastructure challenge of the early
21st century. Like electricity a century ago, broadband is a foundation
for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and
a better way of life. READ MORE

The Economic Impact of Digital Exclusion

March 5, 2010
a whitepaper by:

Digital Impact Group
Econsult Corporation

In the US, over 100 million individuals representing over 40 million households do not use broadband because they cannot access it, cannot afford it, do not know how to use it, or are not aware of its benefits. This “digital divide” is costly not only for the digitally excluded but for businesses, government, and the nation as a whole. READ MORE

Community launches support portal for Google gigabit fiber

An article that appeared on
Technically Philly – March 3, 2010
Written by: Brian James Kirk

After announcing last week its intent to apply to be a test bed for Google’s ultra-high speed fiber, city officials have collaborated with community developers to launch an external initiative to drum up buzz for its proposal. READ MORE

Philadelphia to apply for Google’s experimental ultra-high speed broadband

An article that appeared on
Technically Philly – March 3, 2010
Written by: Brian James Kirk

“Let’s light this joint up,” city Chief Technology Officer Allan Frank said, throwing his hands in the air and walking off stage at the fifth Ignite Philly, seemingly surprised by the cheers and laughs the slide earned. READ MORE